Why use a Broker?

Why use a Broker?

We live in a complex period of finance in Australia

There are record low interest rates, more home loan products on offer than ever before and a real estate market that is the hot topic of every weekend BBQ. The shear volatility of the market is overwhelming to Australians.

For you seeking finance, that is quite a number of different options to consider and compare. On top of this, each product contains a different interest rate, terms, conditions, establishment fee, application criteria and then you need to decide if you want a variable or fixed rate, or if you want to pay principal and interest or principal only.

Looking at the mortgage market, there are over 3,000 different products available from credit lenders just in Australia.

Priority Home Loans are equipped with 40 years experience in the finance industry, we are confident in finding the most appropriate loan product to suit your individual needs. And as we are paid by the lender there is no charge to our clients.


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